How To: Access Network Files and Easter Seals Software at Home

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1) From your home computer open up Internet Explorer (not firefox, chrome, safari, et cetera).

2) In the address field type in and press Enter. Click the Continue button when the webpage loads.

Apps page 00.jpg

3) Login to the webpage using the same user name, password and domain that you use at the office.

Apps page 01.jpg

4) After logging in, if this is your first time, you will be prompted to download and install the Citrix Client which will give you access to our published applications. Select the check box and click the Download button.

Apps page 02.jpg

5) After clicking Download you should receive the following prompt. Click Run to begin downloading the software.

Apps page 03.jpg

6) After the software downloads you will be prompted to install the software. Click Run to continue.

Apps page 04.jpg

7) After the software installs you will need to tell Internet Explorer to use the new software. Right click using the mouse on the yellow bar that appears at the top of the webpage. On the menu that appears, click on Run Add-on.

Apps page 05.jpg

8) Click Run again when prompted.

Apps page 06.jpg

9) You should now see the Apps Page listed with all the applications available to you. We're done! Click on the application you would like to use (Virtual Desktop to access most applications as well as the Shared and Home (typically G: and H:) drives).

Apps page 07.jpg