Faxing from the PC

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In order to send faxes from your PC you will need to contact the IT dept to have the HP Send Fax feature installed.

1. The first time sending a fax from the PC you will need to create a default cover sheet. Click ‘File’ – ‘Print’ Select the HP MFP Send Fax in the dialog box that appears.
Fax from pc 00.jpg

2. Click on the Setup tab to start filling in your static (constant) fields.
Fax from pc 01.jpg

3. Click on Edit Defaults
Complete as indicated below with your sender information and selecting the file fax_logo2.bmp found in the 00_User forms directory on the Shared Drive. And click ‘OK’.
Fax from pc 02.jpg

4. Click on the ‘Fax Job’ tab and complete the recipient information. You can add the information to the phone book by clicking ‘Add to Phone Book’ before sending. This is considered a local setting. Ensure that cover page has a check mark and the image filed should already be pointing to the previously selected image on the Shared Drive. Click ‘Preview and Send’ when completed.
Fax from pc 03.jpg

5. You will see a preview of your fax so you can verify the accuracy of the cover page. Click ‘Send Fax’ and you will receive an email if there is an error when the fax sends, provided the Notification section in the defaults was completed.
Fax from pc 04.jpg