How To: Access Network Files and Easter Seals Software at Home - for OSX

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Good day,

The following instructions will go over how to install the required software (Citrix Receiver) on your Apple computer so that you will be able to access the Easter Seals Apps Page.

1) Open a web browser, and go to Click the Install button that appears in the middle of the web page.

Apps page OSX 01.png

2) Your computer will start downloading the software. The download will show up on the Dock at the bottom of the screen (circled in red). Click the downloads icon to bring up a list of recently downloaded files.

Apps page OSX 02.png

3) After clicking on the downloads icon, a list of downloads will appear. Double click on the Citrix Receiver download (circled in red).

Apps page OSX 03.png

4) You’ll see a progress bar appear, and then a window should open containing the Citrix Receiver installer. This window may appear BEHIND your web browser/Safari, so you might need to minimize your webpage.

Apps page OSX 04.png

5) Double click the icon that is titled “Install Citrix Receiver”.

Apps page OSX 05.png

6) You’ll by notified the installer is starting by the icon on the dock (circled in red below). You may have to click the bouncing icon to bring up the Citrix Receiver installer window.

Apps page OSX 06.png

7) Once the Citrix Receiver installer appears, click Continue.

Apps page OSX 07.png

8) Click Continue on the next screen to review the license agreement.

Apps page OSX 08.png

9) Click Agree to accept the terms of the license agreement.

Apps page OSX 09.png

10) Click Install on the next screen to begin installing the software.

Apps page OSX 10.png

11) Depending on how your computer is setup, it may require you to enter your computer account password. Enter the password and click the install software button to continue.

Apps page OSX 11.png

12) Please wait while the software installs.

Apps page OSX 12.png

13) After the installation process is complete, click the Close button to finish the installation process.

Apps page OSX 13.png

14) Your computer should automatically detect the installed software and the Apps Page web page should change to a logon screen. If it doesn’t, click the continue button which will bring you to the logon page. Logon to the apps page using your Easter Seals computer account username and password. A list of applications will appear. Click the icon for the application you’d like to start.

Apps page OSX 14.png

15) The very first time you start an application, it will ask you how you’d like to access files. Click the box that says “Don’t ask me again” and click the Read & Write button.

Apps page OSX 15.png

16) You’re done! You can start using the Apps Page applications on your Apple computer!