How To: Correctly Save Your Work on the Easter Seals Network

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One of the most common questions answered by the IT Department is: What are the G (or 'shared' drive) and H drive and how do I effectively utilize them?

G and h 01.jpg

What Do I Store on the Network and Why Do I Store Files on the Network

Let's first talk about what they (The G and H drive) are and what they are not.

What they are:

  • Networked file storage that is backed up periodically (your work is safe from viruses, hardware failures, floods and fire).
  • Files stored on the Shared drive (commonly labeled as G: in My Computer) are able to be shared between all agency employees or limited to specific individuals.
  • Files stored on your Home drive (commonly labeled as H: in My Computer) are accessible only by yourself and are not able to be accessed by other employees.

What they are not:

  • Storage for personal items such as photos, music or personal documents.

How Do I Store Files on the Network

1. From within your application (in this example Microsoft's Word) open the File menu and then click on Save As...
G and h 02.jpg

2. Click the Save In dropdown box and choose either the G or H drive. Then open the folder (if any) that you would like to save them in.
G and h 03.jpg

3. Click Save.
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