How To: Enter Your Time as a Salaried Employee

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  • Click: Employee Self Service > Time Reporting > Record Time > Report Weekly Elapsed Time
  • Week Beginning: Change today’s date to week beginning date unless you are a new employee you need to enter your hire date for the first week you enter your time and click Refresh Date.
  • Enter your standard number of hours under the date that you have off
  • Time Reporting Code: PTO (paid time off), XIB (extended illness bank), HLY (holiday), HLW (holiday worked), etc.
  • Task Profile ID: The only time you will need to change this is if you work at a different location which you will need to Add a New Line if you work at more than 1 location during the week
  • Click: Save once you have entered your hours

If you worked half the day then you will need to:

  • Enter the amount of hours that you have worked
  • Time Reporting Code: REG
  • Add a New Line
  • Enter the amount of hours you were absent
  • Time Reporting Code: PTO
  • Click Save