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Now that we've eliminated the two biggest culprits for full email accounts (the Deleted Items and Sent Items) we need to discuss Public Enemy #2. Large email attachments.

In order to identify the size of individual emails we will need to change how we view our email. First, using the image below as a guide, change your email-view to Messages. Click on the current view (by default Two-Line view) and select Messages from the menu that appears. This will add an additional Size column to your email view.

Manage email 01.jpg

Click on the Size column header to sort your emails by size (so we can group the largest offenders together!) and then click on the First Page button to bring us to the beginning of the emails now sorted by size.

Manage email 02.jpg

Your typical email account is allowed up to 25000 KB (25 MB). 1000 KB = 1 MB. Any emails messages with a size above 200 KB should have their attachment saved to your H: drive and then be deleted. And then emptied from your Deleted Items.

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