How To: Setup Your Out of Office Reply

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In order to enable or disable your out of office reply please follow the following directions.

  1. Open the webpage
  2. Login to your email account. (tip: your username is your full email address)
  3. Click on the Options link in the top right hand corner of the email window. Then click on the Out of Office Assistant link in the navigation pane on the left.
  4. Select either "Do not send Out of Office auto-replies" if you're returning from leave, or "Send Out of Office auto-replies" if you're setting up the reply.
  5. Where it says "Send an auto-reply once to each sender inside my organization with the following message:" Enter the text for the reply. Copy and paste the reply you just created into the text box below which reads "Send Out of Office auto-replies to External Senders".
  6. If you know how long you're going to be out/away from the office you can check the checkbox that says "Send Out of Office auto-replies only during this time period:" and enter the start time and end time to send auto-replies.
  7. Click Save - a button at the top/left-ish of the webpage that will save your settings.