IT Policies Reminder

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The following are a few reminders regarding IT policies:

  • Please report all computer related issues and questions to the IT Help Line at (603) 621-3666 or via email to This includes locked accounts, password issues, website access, etc.
  • The electronic communications system (hardware and software, electronic mail, voicemail and facsimile machine) is Agency property and is reserved for the purpose of conducting Agency business. Access to the Internet is provided to enhance the Agency’s ability to accomplish its mission. Employees have a responsibility to use the Internet in a productive and professional manner for Agency business. Internet access is not provided to employees for personal entertainment or personal business purposes. The electronic communication system may not be used to store, download, send or forward copyrighted materials without the express permission from the author or copyright holder. Please note that any unauthorized use of the electronic communication system affects the network stability and security.
  • Upon employment all staff have read and signed the Easter Seals Employment Agreement on the use of Electronic Communication. As such, each employee agrees to the appropriate use of all electronic communication devices. Specifically the employee agrees to not share any and all passwords associated with the use of our electronic communication system i.e., network passwords, windows passwords, Email passwords, application passwords.
  • The responsibility for maintaining the integrity of the network and its components is solely that of the IT department; as such any computer enhancements, updates, etc. should only be performed by or under the guidance of an IT staff member. In addition hardware and software purchases must be facilitated by the IT department so that compatibility issues can be addressed up front, such as platform, integration and implementation.
  • Office configuration and the placement of hardware, i.e. desktops, printers, etc. are key components of the network. As such, the moving of hardware, swapping out to different offices, and the like should be performed by or under the guidance of an IT staff member to ensure continued connectivity and compatibility. Please be sure to report any and all changes of hardware placement to the IT Help Line prior to the actual change date.
  • Jump drives/flash drives/USB keys are intended for easy file storage and access by those employees on the move. In no way should they be used to run applications that are not approved by or supplied by the IT Department.