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Generic PeopleSoft FAQ

1. Are my user id and password the same for both PeopleSoft systems? Are they the same as my network or email user ids and passwords?

No, the user id and passwords for any of these systems are not necessarily the same. However, generally the user id for both PeopleSoft systems and for the network is the first initial of your first name and your full last name. The original passwords given to you are definitely different for each system. The first time you log in to each system, you should change your password to something only you know and something you will remember. This password is not to be shared.

2. How was it determined what information I would be able to view in PeopleSoft? What do I do if I think I need additional access in PeopleSoft beyond what is currently assigned to me?

To create roles, the common functions that various people perform were considered. Using this information, ‘roles’ were created. Access is determined based on the role you perform. If you feel you need additional access, you should speak with your manager and for PeopleSoft HRMS, Michelle Rancourt at 207-828-0754 (, and for PeopleSoft Financials, Christian Coulson at 603-621-3538 (

3. How do I change my password in PeopleSoft HRMS or PeopleSoft Financials?

Once you have logged in to the system, go to the Change My Password link in the lower left hand corner of the menu on the left-hand side of the screen. You type in the default password which is the last 4 digits of your social security number. Then you type in a new password and retype it to confirm, and then hit change password.

4. I am getting an ‘incorrect user id and/or password are invalid’ error on the PeopleSoft log in screen.

This could mean that you don’t have an account. It can also mean that either the user id or password or both have been entered incorrectly. Your user id is generally the first initial of your first name and your full last name. Remember that both your user id and password are case sensitive.

5. The login page is not displaying for PeopleSoft.

This could mean that the system is down or it could mean there’s a problem with the internet server or any number of other things. Please call the IT Helpdesk for assistance with this issue at 603-621-3666.

6. I sometimes get this message when I use the back button when I am in PeopleSoft: This page is no longer available.

To continue, return to your most recent active page or select one of the navigation icons in the header above.

Why am I getting it?

While using PeopleSoft applications, it is not advisable to use the back button on your internet browser tool bar. Use other navigation tools, such as links provided within PeopleSoft to move around in the application—particularly if you are on a data entry page. If entering time or expenses, you do not want to press the back button without having saved your data first or you may lose your data or cause the ‘page no longer available’ or a ‘data integrity’ error to appear.

7. I need to access PeopleSoft to do my time entry or expense information, but I don’t have a computer at work—what do I do?

Kiosks are available in some work locations such as the human resource department at the Auburn Street location, Zachary Road, and STS. In addition, you can use your home computer to gain access. Instructions on how to access PeopleSoft from home can be found at the following link: Click on the Web to Work for PeopleSoft link and log in first using your network id and password and then select web applications in the upper left hand corner of the screen and choose the appropriate PeopleSoft Application and log in using your PeopleSoft user id and password.

8. When I print my paycheck or my expenses, it is only printing the toolbar—the page is blank. Why?

Your cursor is not in the print area. If this problem occurs, simply click on a field within the print page and then click print. If you still have problems, call the IT helpdesk at 603-621-3666 and a technician will assist you.

9. I have to click on a lot of menu items to get to the page I want, can I make a shortcut or a favorite in PeopleSoft?

Go to the page you want to make a favorite and then click on the My Favorites link at the top of the blue PeopleSoft menu on the left-hand side of the screen, click on Add to Favorites and then give it a unique name and save. You will now be able to click on My Favorites and then the name and go right to the page instead of navigating through the usual menu flow.

10. One of the employees who reports to me is leaving the company at the end of week. Who should I contact to cancel her access to both PeopleSoft systems?

Human Resources should be contacted at 603-621-3639 about the termination and an EAF form should be completed and submitted to HR. HR will let the appropriate people know to inactivate the employee’s accounts in PeopleSoft HRMS and PeopleSoft Financials. There is also a Terminated User Form located in the Auburn Street shared drive User Forms folder: G:\00_User Forms\Easter Seals Terminated User Form.doc that supervisors should fill out to request removal of network access for employees who are terminated in a regular fashion. If it is an urgent termination, please place a call to the IT Helpdesk at 603-621-3666 to let IT know that the person’s network access needs to be blocked immediately.

11. I ran a report, but there is no information in the report. Why?

Usually this means that no data exists that is associated with the particular parameters or criteria that were requested for the report. It may also mean that you do not have access to review the data you are requesting.

12. What is the maximum number of browser windows I may have open within PeopleSoft?

It is not recommended to have more than 2 browser windows open at the same time or you are likely to see ‘page expired’ errors when too much time has passed on pages without any activity.

13. Can I enter and submit data independently on two concurrently open windows?

Yes. However, be careful when signing out of one window. You will want to wait to sign out of PeopleSoft until you are done with both windows and are ready to sign out of both since signing out of one may affect the other window.

14. What is the best way to exit PeopleSoft? Do I have to log off? Why do I have to log off?

The best way to exit PeopleSoft is to log off by clicking the white link Sign out in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Clicking the ‘X’ in the extreme right hand corner of the browser window does not end your session; it merely closes the browser window. It is important to close a session by signing out to maintain security and confidentiality of your and others’ information.
When working on a public or shared computer, you should clear your computer’s “cache” or temporary memory after you sign out of PeopleSoft in order to prevent others from viewing your confidential information after you leave the machine.

15. How long can I stay logged in to PeopleSoft?

There is no limit to the amount of time you can stay logged in to PeopleSoft. However, there is a timeout due to 20 minutes of inactivity. A pop-up window with a warning message appears after 18 minutes. Click the ok button if you wish to stay logged on.